The World of Makeup and Photoshop

Hello my friends, please take a few moments to watch this video. I’ll meet you right after you do.


No wonder we don’t look like the beautiful women we see everyday we we pass by the bus stand, or just walk throughout the mall. To see that our perception of beauty is impossible in reality is kind of depressing. It’s pathetic on the part of humans and what we’ve become as creatures, to devour and praise something that isn’t real. And if you do know someone who looks like the stunning models seen on billboards, he or she probably isn’t natural and probably isn’t the healthiest person who maintains a diet with essential nutrients.
If we as a society have grown to this, only a few can imagine what our great, great – grand children will have to go through.
Maybe elastic band waist and permanent facial non-growth mutation after the age of 29 will be “the new black.”
Either way, beauty should be about the smile and person behind it, right?
Or is there a certain circumference my thighs need to categorized under in order to be consider “good looking.” What if i had a crooked smile? Will you tape it so it’s perfecto straight?
What if i like guys with a crooked smile?

Beauty has been something that is impossible to define, many cultures and norms bring upon different views. And when people live in the plastic world, they don’t know about fattening huts before marriage in Uganda, or that people wear a Burqa to preserve their beauty for the right one. Like who really wants a chocolate bar already opened outside the wrapper? Curiosity drive us to want to know more about things we can’t know about.
Mysterious and sexy is the way to play it! Everyone’s herd of the flaunt and pass by from those chick flicks right?

I hope this video will open your eyes. Stop obsessing over how perfect girls look in pictures – they’re not real.

Believe in yourself and be the best you, you can be!