What’s new that appeals to the eye?!

What's new that appeals to the eye?!

Personally, I like to spice up my meals every now and then by making them look good. placing, and a little garnishing with a glass of wine on the side, Vola!
Oh and of course you HAVE to take a picture and instagram it! Like common, everyone needs to know i’m #wifeymaterial right? LOL

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If the meal looks good, hopefully it tastes even better! But Is the same with technology? I think humans are very lazy creatures whom get bored easily. Check out what this parody thinks about the new I-Phone 5’s.

Well what do you think? Is it wrong if i say i agree with him? I’m not a fan up having the “latest and greatest.”
In my head, it’s all about the inner-beauy. As long as it functions easily and efficiently, my heart is sold!

So technically, i’d just stick with the I-Phone 4s. Maybe because i don’t think i’d use Siri that much.

Much like cars, why pay so much extra money to be driving something you’re worried you’ll scratch or crash when you can be driving something for half the price that performs the same. Lets be honest now. Yes you’re going to buy that sports car that can hit 280mph, but honestly, you’re never gouging to drive that fast! Even if you dare yourself to, you’ll be terrified of crashing it!

fast cars-3Fast_Cars
Could we buy a good car that wouldn’t break down, and donate the extra money towards people who need it? Why do we waste money like this? Just to have the status? Or is it the same thing when it comes to dating – you fall for the looks and then realize the potentials.

Beauty does compel many is various ways. I mean, thats why everything you’re 14year old tween demands to be wearing brand names such as MK, LV, Gucci, Prada from head to toe advertised as greatly as it can be, right?



Just go watch the movie, White Chicks.


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