Is Fair Skin, Lovely?

Is Fair Skin, Lovely?

Light skinned angelic glows.

Having light “fair” skin is a popular craze in Asia, much like a Geisha; pale white skin is adored by many.


According to, an article published in June of 2013, Andrew McDougall states:

“Skin lightening has been a trend in Asia and is set to continue to boost the global market in the next five years, according to Global industry Analysts’ latest report”

By 2018, the global market of skin lighteners is estimated to skyrocket to $19.8 billion. Yes I just said, $19.8 billion. Not Million. Billion.
This growing consumption is not only high in demand by females but by males as well; primarily form Asian, African and Middle Eastern regions.

Screen shot 2012-01-11 at 1.18.21 AMfair-lovely-ad

Fair skin is associated with youth, beauty and prosperity especially in China, Japan, and India. Did I mention, your chances of getting a job and getting married amplifies with fairer skin?

YES Snooki, this is true! No tanning beds, no bronzers – it’s the exact opposite.

Snookie-Home snooki-ultra-dark-black-bronzer Tanning_bed_in_use

Nandita Das, an award winning film actress and director of Indian decent saw the craze of fair skin and how it affected her life – and with that she decided to make a difference.

The Dark is Beautiful campaign hopes to halt India’s huge appetite for skin whitening products, and has a new champion in film star Nandita Das.


According to The

Nandita expresses how publishers would lighten her skin in pictures thinking they would be doing her a favor, and friends asking if she were ill because of her olive undertone.
“Indians are very racist. There is so much pressure that perpetuates this ideal that fair is the ideal.”

One can say this whole craze for lighter skin began when the most popular cream came out in 1978. This not only cleared your skin but made you fair-er, it also spawned many cleansers and even vaginal washes that whitens surrounding skin. Fair and Lovely. Trust me any South Asian will know this. Ask the closest “brown” person you see and they will say that’s all their moms’ use.


Nandita believes it’s time to start believing in hard work, instead of achieving fair skin that supposedly comes with a path of success.

As you can see, clearly she obtained her dream job by enhancing her skin.

Wow. That is all I truly have to say. It’s important to be comfortable in you skin, and I personally believe confidence and research gets you anywhere you want to be.

Growing up in a society where having lighter skin tone is what success looks like – its hard to change something that genetically imprinted within us.

Especially when the role models and celebrities you grow up to have glowing angelic fair skin who endorse products that make you skin, lighter and brighter.


Here’s Priyanka Chopra, famous Bollywood actress and singer, advertising for Garnier’s No Sweat, Fairness Moisturizer.

With that perfect glow and corky personality she has now climbed the success ladder to featuring Pitbull in her hot, steamy music videos. Did I mention it has over 20’000’000 views on YouTube? I think that’s a lot for an artist with only 2 music videos posted.

Miss America this year was obtained by the first Indian decent woman, Nina Davuluri back in her parent’s home country, India, many believe she wouldn’t have a chance if she was running for Miss. India. Why? Well, because of the colour of her skin.

miss-new-york The 2014 Miss America Competition - Show Nina-Davuluri-Miss-America-2014---16-560x7462013-09-16T035743Z_01_LJJ026_RTRIDSP_3_USA-MISSAMERICA_image_982w usa-missamerica nina-davuluri

There were many racist remarks towards her from Americans based on her skin tone, India ironically has the same problem.

Previous Miss India winners have beautiful fair skin, and most contestants have the light glow. Nina unfortunately, wouldn’t fall under the beautiful category in India’s perspective.


You may know some previous Miss India winners, Aishwarya Rai & Priyanka Chopra.
Admit it, they do look good … fair skin and all.

Miss Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Actress, model and winner of Miss World 1994, starred in Bride & Prejudice as her first known appearance into the Western Society. 

266061-miss-india-aishwarya-rai-sits-on-her-throne-moments-after-being-crowne aishwarya_rai_bachchan_20120519_1243504678 Aishwarya-Rai-cover-of-Vogue-Feb-2011  Actress Aishwarya Rai In Saree Wallpapers 2012Aishwarya Rai

Priyanka Chopra

Actress and rising singer was the winner of Miss World 2000.

priyanka_chopra_marrakech_film_festival Priyanka-chopra-Ft-Pitbull-in-Exotic-Song-2013 priyanka Priyanka-Chopra-2013-MTV-Video-Music-Awards-India-296x300 pc6 missi8 bollywood-diva-priyanka-chopra-poses-for-the-cameras-on-the-red-carpet-of-the-inaugural-times-of-india-film-awards-in-vancouver-canada 500full

Society has grown for so long to believe lighter skinned girls are more “beautiful” and successful, that you are judged to be poor if you’re dark toned.

I can’t imagine growing up in that kind of influential culture where you naturally hate your own skin. I love my “shade” of skin. I don’t like being a light skinned girl, so I enjoy my summers and don’t care if I’m “dusty.”

Personally, I love the sun kissed glow.

But even when it comes to designing a magazine cover, people do look at the brightest thing on the page first, so does white beat black? Would a lighter skinned girl out stand a dark toned beauty?

Can we just scratch this and focus on the smile and the person behind it?


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