Runway & Celebrity Fashion. Dashing isn’t it!

Fashion Victorias Secret Klum

Why do we spend so much money on fashion shows?
Straight up this is the question i have to ask everyone right now.

Why do we spend SO MUCH money on fashion shows?


And to those who actually buy a ticket to go to the show…  HELLO! You’re paying to watch a girl walk. Wearing almost nothing. Really? Wouldn’t you rather put that money towards, don’t know maybe school? Or paying off some debt? Or providing clean water to one of the million poor children with serious health issues somewhere in the world. Jeeze.

1 Crazy-Paris-Fashion-Week-Outfits-27

Don’t get me wrong, I think models are absolutely stunning and have confidence to strut their stuff in front of millions, but WHY DO WE PAY TO WATCH SOMEONE WALK?

tumblr_lvzfciA7Rw1r6oq1qo1_500 happy

Personally i believe it is the BIGGEST waste of money.

Models, don’t even wear realistic clothes you can wear to the office. I do see artistic beauty, but where in the world is realistic beauty?!

The Blonds - Runway - Spring 2014 MADE Fashion Week Spring 2014 fashionindie 00020m_07

Did you know, The Victoria Secret show have a budget for about $250’00. But ended up costing more than $12 MILLION.

2010 VICTORIA`S SECRET Fashion Show at The Lexington Armory2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Runway

Yup, you read that right.

According to ZARZAR MODELS –

The show cost approximately $12million to produce and $10 million to to promote. So if i did my calculations correctly, thats about $22 million spent on girls walking. And a lot of sparkly stuff. And maybe some loud music.

Is it beautiful to have a crazy doowhopthingy attached to your back? It took about 120 man hours to make each wing. Seriously is this really that necessary?!

Victorias_Secret_Wings_main-400x300victorias-secret-fashion-show-2012-34 tumblr_mebkjq631w1rrw8ono1_1280 victorias-secret-fashion-show

In this video you can watch more useful facts about the unnecessaries put into the show and notice how they say 34 of the worlds most beautiful women.

So now we all need to be a size 0-2, have long never-ending legs, wear 6inch high heels and maybe skip a few meals in order to be considered beautiful?

No thanks. i’m pretty sure theres more beauty out there, plus who know how their inner beauty glows? (or reeks)

Lets just take in how much unnecessary decor is put into this show, and how ridiculously expensive everything is. Why?

And then there are my fellow celebrities who think they can wear anything like it’s just another day.

201207051289403461.w500-h735 lady-gaga-weird1 2010-worst-dressed-celebrity

Artistic beauty yes, would i wear it to my class tomorrow? Probably not.

They are beautiful though, i must agree to that, but who gets to decide the Best and Worst Dressed?


I think Fashion Beauty is a complicated subject that will only give you heads aches if you try to wrap your head around it. Yeah, fashion is cool too touch on, but personally, i believe it’s just eye candy. Too many runway shows, too expensive and the whole concept around it, with starving yourself an dyeing a certain size to be a model is just to ridiculous.

Lets take a moment and watch this, Would you honestly be daring enough to wear anything of this stuff? (Realistically, can we even afford any of this stuff? – i have books to pay for!)


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