Is Skinny Beautful?

Is Skinny Beautful?

Media plays a key role on influencing what beautiful is. Even if you don’t watch television or read a magazine; just by walking by a bus shelter, you’ve been hit by the powerful subconscious influence of mother evil herself – media’s perception of beauty.

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You know exactly what I’m talking about, the thin, doll face, with the perfect sized racks and perky badonkadonks in the back.

You’re idea of beauty is of what media’s perception wanted it to be, even if you argue it isn’t – media definitely influenced it.

THIN beautiful woman, with a SLIM face, FLAT stomach, and SKINNY legs are portrayed everywhere. Why is it that in western culture, skinny is beautiful?

Jessica Simpson and her friends traveled to Hima tribe in Uganda for her VH1 TV show, Price of Beauty. On a mission to define beauty the trio travel to places around the world, spending a week’s time they try and soak in as much culture as they can – exploring how beauty is defined there.

In Uganda, Jessica and her friends find out a full figure is considered beautiful. With fattening huts before marriage, the men compare their wives to the size of their cows. Culture shock screamed in the trios faces.


Watch part of the episode here:

This episode has stuck many viewers and people around the world, so used to thinking smaller is better. Even Dr, Susan Albers, a licensed clinical psychologist wrote and article for the huffington post back in 2010.

“It seemed like Jessica was a little bit envious. What was it like to live in a world where women are not pressured to starve themselves and put their body through torture? No diet commercials. No picking apart of your body. This is hard for many of us to imagine,” Albers explained.


Very true, most influential people in the world are celebrities, and little girls , like I, grew up watching some of our favourite celebrities. With celebrities like the PCD, Pussy Cat Dolls – not only girls, but everyone watched them “strut their stuff” in clothes that are skintight barley covering their goodies aka– lingerie. With the dancing, performing and booty shaking in heels, I guess some of the weight melts off but the girls are skinny to the point where their ribcage can be seen through their skin every time they swing their arms up and lean back. I mean, just look at them, hot bodies, perfectly sculpted faces and confidence every girl wishes she had.


But before Jessica even did the episode back in 2004, BBC news had done an article on Mauritania’s ‘wife-fattening’ farm.

And way before that, back in 2002, here’s a video on the Fat Houses in Nigeria.

If a girl was thin – she was considered poor; fat – she was considered loved by her father, then later by her husband. Wasn’t this how it was back in the day when all cultures considered big as being rich, as in you have enough food to feed yourself. It was easy to tell how rich one was just by simply looking at them.


But Victoria Beckham as we all know is very wealthy. She is the exact opposite of fat.


She claimed to be “happy and healthy” in this article after showcasing her designer line in New York back in 2009.

But her arm looks thin enough to snap like a toothpick! I’m sure she’s underweight, which also is backed up by her nickname skeletal spice. Even Perez touched on the topic of her health – a site where most teens update themselves on celebrity gossip.

If skinny is beautiful, not being able to gain weight is a is something some young girls wish for; and like the cliché “be careful what you wish for” this young woman who is unable to gain weight was dubbed the worlds most ugly woman by some self-centered, egotistic internet user.


Lizzie Velásquez has a rare medical disorder which prevents her from putting on weight. She eats a lot of junk food, has tried many diets to gain weight growing up, but is unable to put on weight. From making headlines around the world, Velásquez has now written books and is a motivational speaker.

Seriously I think Lizzie Velásquez is an amazing, strong individual who is even more amazing for getting her story out there an bringing her message across for young girls to get through whatever tough times they might be experiencing.

“If I can do it, so can you.”

But according to those who did call her the ugliest woman, if being too skinny isn’t beautiful (physically) and the opposite of beautiful is fat there must be a center point of being, as the British say it, fit.

Well, you’d think the average 120 pounds for 6ft 2in is a pretty good size, but then you hear Robyn Lawley story recently on Ellen.


Thankfully, Lawley is happy with the way she is and more woman like her should be out in the world expressing themselves to young teenagers who are pressured with self-image. “Woman’s weight is really tarnished,” she explained talking about Kim Kardashian‘s baby weight gain and her blog about her passionate love of food.

Most importantly, it’s her attitude and personality I love. The way she talks about being called a pig and fat is bubbly and joyful in a way. But isn’t that was beauty is? What’s inside counts the most right?


Lastly to end off this blog, I would like to say when I typed in Skinny Girls into Google’s search bar, what I found was a tumblr blog called Skinny girls do it better. Seriously? Yea right?

Upon opening it all I saw were fit girl and athletic motivational pictures of toned woman. What a relief.

Maybe the name should be changed to fit instead of skinny, what do you think?



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